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Please read and understand this disclaimer carefully before purchasing and participating in our sauna sessions or beach activities.

We are now implementing a new towel policy. We ask that you sit or lie on a body-sized towel in all sauna rooms to prevent perspiration from dripping onto the wooded benches, helping with longevity and for hygienic purposes. We give our staff, as always full permission to turn people away and judge the situation as they see fit.

We do hope you understand this change.

Saunas by the Sea prioritizes the safety and well-being of all our customers. However, it is important to note that while utilizing our beach sauna facilities, individuals are advised to adhere to safety guidelines and exercise caution, particularly when near bodies of water. Saunas by the Sea cannot be held liable or responsible for any incidents or accidents that may occur if a customer voluntarily enters the sea during or after their sauna session. All customers are encouraged to act responsibly and within their capabilities, understanding the inherent risks associated with ocean activities.

By engaging our services and using our beach sauna facilities, customers acknowledge and accept the risks involved in sea-related activities and agree that Saunas by the Sea, its employees, or affiliates shall not be held accountable for any unforeseen incidents that occur beyond the sauna premises.

By signing up for our services or utilizing our facilities, customers agree to adhere to safety guidelines, act responsibly, and release Saunas by the Sea from any liability regarding incidents that occur beyond the sauna area.

Saunas by the Sea

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